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The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) offers the Norwegian public a wide range of content with

three national TV-channels, 13 national radio-channels and the website nrk.no.

NRK consists of three main TV channels, three main radio channels, several niche channels on the radio, the Internet, podcast and mobile phone.



NRK1 is the most popular TV channel in Norway. Its market share is about 30 %. The content offered by NRK1 is varied, and appeals to broad segments of the population.



NRK2 offers news, debate programmes, documentaries, analyses and cultural programmes.



NRK3 offers movies, humour, lifestyle and music for a younger audience.

NRK3 also hosts the children’s channel NRK Super.

Guided by its public service remit, NRK does not serve any commercial or political interests, and provides strictly

non-commercial programming, with no advertising apart from the sponsorship of some cultural and sporting events.




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